10 Kasım 2011 Perşembe

Take 1: Love

- Some people only love the concept of love. Being in love, being loved; that is. It’s a like a fucking primitive hunting game. You fight for appropriate pheromones. You race, win or lose. You get laid or not.

- Admit it, you have issues with me.

- I don’t have issues with you, you have issues with yourself. That’s not my take on you, but how people love each other.

- And how do you love?

- Differently. Different words of affection, a different discourse of love. Me, being with you, is because I want to be with you. You’ve never been my next best thing.

- What’s wrong with falling in love for a couple of times in a lifetime? You fall in love, it happens. When your pheromone turns me on, we fuck. If it’s a good fuck, it’s good for a second time. And if we can chit-chat, well, I call it a relationship.

- See? No special traits granted to your lover. For you, it’s just a matter of coincidental harmony. There are some certain needs to be met. And when those needs are met, wham! You’re in a relationship. What I think is that there must be another reason for love.

- Says the archbishop of Canterbury.

- Well, fuck you. I’m flattered. Thank you. And thank you pheromones. And thank you smart mind for bestowing me this relationship.

- What’s your problem?

- The problem is, I’m fucking scared, I’m terribly frightened. Scared that you’ll find that stupid harmony with somebody else and it can happen! There are millions of people out there. With ‘mmmm, you smell fucking beautiful’ pheromones. With new funny punch-lines. With smart rhetoric skills. Did you know that cats never fuck each other more than twice? It’s because of those pheromones. They get old. You get used to them. No excitement. No pride in conquering what’s already yours. You’re a fucking hunter. And I need a tank of nerve agent antidotes. That’s what I need. But what you need is your western ration to be monogamous.

- No.

- No, what?

- No, your ass. I would never leave it.

- Oh?

- Yup.

- Surey-sure?

- Damn sure. 

- Double damn sure?

- Yep.

- Sorry for being an asshole.

- Forget it.

- You love me?

- Yup.

- Why?

- Because, you smell fucking beautiful, you’re the funniest guy I’ve ever met, I love the way you talk, I love the way you mumble and you fuck good. And you love me like no one has loved me before.

- God, I love you so much. I love you so much.

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  1. this is hilarious! summary of my relationship :D

  2. Reminded me of our one of many conversations on love; though, ours would be more analytical as my planned following comments will be; yet, I am not sure whether I should bother writing them since I don't know which context this dialogue takes place in…
    Moreover, I've got questions to the romanticist ;) The first question is what do you mean by 'special traits granted to your lover'?
    I will begin my comments -if you'd like- after you answer the question above.

  3. :) Well, I love your comments and I'd be terribly happy if you bothered to do so Vix.

    One of the tricks I intended to implement to the dialogue was the very absence of the context. I don't think we'll ever learn more about the couple than we already know. Dialogues are more about the nature -if there is one- of relationships rather than the dynamics of somebody else's romance. I believe, as soon as you place the characters in a contextual frame, you distance the reader. I somehow tried to avoid that.

    For the romanticist, I guess, in his mind, he expects to be flattered for something which only he could have. And his partner, apparently, is indeed aware that no one on Earth has such uniqueness.

    That's a bit like it'd be a special trait if you had 5 arms. Yet again, somebody's having 5 arms also marks the very possibility of somebody else's having 4 or 6 arms somewhere around the world. :)

    I think the romanticist knows this as well; however, he'd be happier if his partner said something different than the pheromones or intellectual chit-chat. The romanticist would appreciate it if his partner called him a "soul-mate" or something yet later on he'd question it too and would again argue with that.

    :)And thank you, I think that's the best question I got for the bits I wrote.