30 Kasım 2011 Çarşamba

Take 2: Mars

- Ready?

- I have OCD, moron. I can never be ready for the unknown. 

- You don't have OCD, you have human software installed. And apparently, it works perfectly fine.

- Skip the nerd NASAer part. Off I go? 

- You'll land at a cafe. Order coffee. Read a comic while you wait. Be cool. 

- OK. Where will I get the comic? 

- There's one in the spaceship. He'll arrive 10 minutes late. Don't stare at the door when he walks in. Behave as if you didn't notice him. 

-  Primary School Dating 101.

- *sigh* Remember everything about books and films?

- Yeah, yeah. Joyce, stream-of-consciousness, ooh, he’s a genius, Bukowski, fucking and loving at the same time. Existentialism. I love long tracking shots and how they blur space and time of a film. One-room movies are my favourite. It feels as if the walls would melt, the characters are so interdependent yet unique like the very room itself. 

- Perfect.

- Are you sure he’s waiting for me? That I am his dream one?

- He’s not waiting for you. He’s waiting for someone like you. 

- Reports state that he is more into calmy-calmy and silent types. I think I happened to be a bit too neurotic for that.

- They love imperfections as well. You’re not a pilot model. There has to be something he would disagree. We would implement little scars but speech disorders fit you better. And you like 80’s music. That’s enough.

- Ew. I hate scars. 

- Remember anything about sex?

- Yeah, in full detail. You made me take 101, 201, 303, 404 and senior classes in a row!

- Good. Don’t get over-ecstatic. Don’t stare at the ants. You’ll get a nostalgic tube. It goes underground. It’s not another planet. Hold your breath. It’s a bit humid. And don’t say ANYTHING about Mars. He would call you an angel in a couple of weeks. DON’T argue.

- Oh, fine. Hope he uses me well.

- Well, we are sending him to the centre of Sun if he doesn’t. He has been begging for it since ages. And he swears while begging. Loud. So, don’t whine.

- We’ll see. 

- Ready?

- As I said, since I have the world’s most horrible mental…

- Oh, please. I’m taking it back. You’d do way better with scars!

- Hello.

- Oh, hi, hello.

- Sorry, I’m a bit late.

- Oh, don’t worry. I’m fine and all cool. Drinking coffee, reading a comic book and thinking about how Joyce created the postmodern meta-text and how it’s interrelated with our so-called modern lives.

- You’re funny.

- Thank you. I love movies. Did you know that? Bergman, Antonioni and others. I could count all of them if you would like to.

- Heh. *whispers* You have such a pretty neck. 

- So, you liked me?

- Very.

- You know what? When they first told me that I was being sent… I mean, I came. I arrived at this café. I wouldn’t. Oh, god, you're beautiful.


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  1. bu bir seri mi? seriyse ilk yazı bundan sonra gelmeyecek mi?

  2. henüz bir seri değil. olur mu bilmiyorum. o yüzden bir sırası da yok aslında. :)

  3. çok güzel. bunlar bi oyundan mı?

  4. ne kadar akıcı. ingilizce'yi nerde öğrenidiniz acaba?

  5. SÜPER! love at first sight

  6. I begin to have a love/hate relationship with this guy... I can't wait to read more of it ;)